Traveling Alone – ​​For Or Against?

The trend of independent travels is growing every day: millions of viewers follow the adventures of solo travelers on YouTube, and through the #travel alone hashtag on Instagram you can find attractive photos from around the world. Why travel alone become so popular and some nuances worth considering, before venturing out, and take a trip one, says the online service for UFS.Travel travel.

Let’s start with the minuses – they will warn of unwanted illusions and romanticized paintings, travel alone with him is no different from going to a couple or group.


You need to be on the alert 24/7: control the schedule of transport, the charge of the phone, the remaining budget, the presence of a patch from corns, pads or mosquito repellent. If something is safely forgotten at home, then the responsibility for the deed will have to bear the most. Refer to the forgetful partner will not work.

When you go on tour with someone, you can ask for an extra pair of socks, shampoo or pain pill from friends. If you go alone, the list of things will have to be made much more carefully, so as not to forget anything. On a trip to the big cities to stay without an umbrella or a charger is not terrible – you can simply buy a forgotten thing or ask at the hotel. But if you forget something really important before traveling through the wild corners of the planet, have to be content, that is. Well, or make the most, as go to these guys did Tom Hanks in “Outcast.”

Get ready to spend more. Traveling alone, you have to be ready to double spending: a hotel room for one does not usually cost less, than two, and split the cost of a taxi or a rental car will not work, unless, of course, you do not find a companion (but the girls need to be careful with fellow travelers, keep this in mind). On the other hand, free spending the night on Couch surfing is more likely for a single tourist – with one person the landlord has less trouble.

Disable the instinct of self-preservation only happens in a dream. During the whole day you will have to think about your own safety and the safety of things. Before the trip, brought up to date relatives, drawing them to your route and leaving hotel rooms, in which you plan to live. At least one person should know, where you’re going, let it even be a concierge at the hostel reception. It is better to carry valuables with you in a small bag over your shoulder, and keep money on a card, having some cash in your pocket for food and excursions.

If you suddenly started speaking Swedish on a journey , saved a penguin or embraced George Clooney, then only you yourself will be the witness of such a scene , and you will have to keep all new emotions up to skype-calling with your relatives or friends. And after a trip on the phone you can find quite a few shots with you, because to capture the moment, you need to ask someone about it. Surviving in this case, if this is the last time, when you see your camera.

But, despite all the difficulties, a trip without strangers can bring real pleasure. And that’s why.


First, it is an opportunity to be alone with yourself, to air the lungs and head, to hear your own thoughts. Many grand ideas are born in silence.

Secondly, traveling alone, do not have to be torn between their desires and the desires of fellow travelers. Drink Czech beer or broccoli smoothie, go around all the exhibitions of the city or live in a tent on the shore of the lake, wake up at lunch or go to catch the rays of the sun at dawn – it’s up to you.

Among the travelers there is always someone, who better to speak in English or reading maps. But when you’re alone , and buy a train ticket still need to , willy-nilly will have to remember long-forgotten language. Travel – an incentive to learn a few new phrases or learn something new.

Wandering alone with yourself is a good opportunity to test yourself, to become more independent and decisive. Swimming in the sea alone, spending the night in a dubious hostel , bargaining for a second magnet from the seller for free and going through all the difficulties with your head held high is priceless. Upon returning home, you will feel, that in certain situations you can do without the help of others.

You will get the opportunity to chat with new people and make a lot of interesting acquaintances. Maybe, you meet the locals, who will hold the best bar in town without waiting in line , because that’s where his friend works , or will a secret place , where you can see the sunset without the crowds of tourists around.

Properly Formulated Goal

Mandatory concerns:

State property;

State property insurance;



Property division.

Initiatives associated with:

Registration of transactions;

Reorganization of enterprises;



Private property insurance:

A properly formulated goal gives an advantage in choosing the method and approach to the valuation activity, which helps to reduce the price for the work performed.

Step 2. Choose an appraisal company:

Pay attention to the cost of services and specialization of the appraiser. Cheap is certainly good, but the erroneous conclusion about the price can cost much more. Therefore, compare prices for the same services from different companies.

Expensive things for you may not correspond to their market value and vice versa! Experienced appraisers will declare their reputation and will immediately give a preliminary consultation regarding further work.

If you decide to contact a private company, be sure to request an insurance policy from the company and make sure that there are at least two employees in the company making the assessment (a mandatory condition of the law of the Russian Federation).

Step 3. Make an appointment and conclude an agreement:

Having decided on an appraisal company, you are applying for work. This can be either an oral statement (telephone calls) or an electronic form. The conditions in both cases are the same. You must provide your passport data, indicate the object and purpose of the assessment and set a convenient time for work.

At the next meeting an agreement is concluded – from this moment you enter into a legal agreement with an appraisal firm. To sign a deal, you need to carry with you identification documents, as well as identifiers of the object and your rights to it.

Click on link for  detail:

After signing the contract, you must pay for the services of the appraisal company, which will give further progress to the agreement. This can be done at any bank branch or at the office of the appraiser, subject to issuing you a cash receipt confirming the legality of the transaction.

Next, you must provide access to the assessed property. Mandatory contract form means that you must allow a specialist to inspect and examine the object.

In the future, in your presence there is no need. This task can be performed by a trustee. You can create a power of attorney for free at the appraiser’s office. During the inspection, you may have to answer any questions that may affect the value of the object, so the trustee must be a close friend of you!

The appraiser will compile a list of the inspection, take away copies of your identification documents from you and set a date for the final execution of the property valuation report.

Step 5. We receive a report on the work:

The conclusion is prepared, according to the law, no more than 3 days. Drawn up in writing and is a report of the estimated value of the property.

Examine the document and ask your questions. After clarifying all the nuances, you sign the act of acceptance and transmission of the property valuation document. This report, the original or a copy, you provide at the place of demand.

At all stages of the work you can consult with professional lawyers from the company Lawyer. You can count on the support and resolution of the whole range of legal issues at any time convenient for you.

It is not at all difficult to look at the current topics discussed, to find the answer or ask your question on the Jurisprudence page. It is enough to go through a simple registration, just enter your e-mail and get a comprehensive clear answer to your question. Lawyer’s site experts will answer any questions on legal topics.


The most common cases of valuation of property of the enterprise:

Property Valuation for financial reporting in accordance with the requirements of standards and standards of IFRS, which provide for the classification of tangible and intangible assets of the company. If such an assessment is necessary, the experts of Active Business Consulting will create close partnerships with accountants who will instruct them to classify certain assets — workers, surplus or investment. If there is no such possibility, our specialists will independently conduct the most adequate and appropriate classification of the company’s assets, based on 5 years of experience, knowledge and recommendations of the standard, intuition. In the preparation of financial statements and related documentation, the valuation of property of enterprises is carried out with the premise that, for example, those properties that are occupied by the owner, are studied on the basis of current use, and relatively continuing to carry out their production activities of the enterprise. However, after some time, an enterprise may cease to feel the need for this object – and if it is declared redundant for the needs of the enterprise, then it is already estimated on the basis of the most effective one, not based on current use. A similar situation is with the investment assets of the company. However, after some time, an enterprise may cease to feel the need for this object – and if it is declared redundant for the needs of the enterprise, then it is already estimated on the basis of the most effective one, not based on current use. A similar situation is with the investment assets of the company. However, after some time, an enterprise may cease to feel the need for this object – and if it is declared redundant for the needs of the enterprise, then it is already estimated on the basis of the most effective. A similar situation is with the investment assets of the company.

Assessment of property of an enterprise when creating authorized capital or division of property, its revaluation, as well as confirmation of market value. Property valuation of enterprises can also be carried out to attract investors, to conduct transactions of sale and issue of shares.

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In addition, the assessment of the property of the enterprise is carried out in order to:

  • Correct reflection of the value of the property of the enterprise in the reporting;
  • During auctions, tenders and contests;
  • When transferring property in trust or leasing;
  • With the restructuring of the enterprise, its liquidation or absorption, merger;
  • Upon redemption, confiscation and seizure of property;
  • In resolving property disputes;
  • When making property in the authorized capital of the enterprise;
  • When developing an investment plan;
  • In case of damage to storage;
  • Under a commercial concession.

What is the valuation of the property of the enterprise?

Different enterprises set themselves different strategic goals and objectives – for example, someone at the moment is important to improve investment attractiveness, the other is interested in increasing working capital and reducing the cost of products. You can also bring the optimization of the tax base, the creation of market sustainability. One of the tools to solve these problems is the assessment of the property of the enterprise.

Features of an enterprise property valuation:

When deciding on the revaluation or initial valuation of the assets of the company, the owner must take into account that the depreciation charges will form the investment opportunities of the company. However, in the conditions of a constant shortage of cash or other means of payment, some owners use depreciation to replenish working capital, which partly solves the problem of maintaining liquidity in the necessary order.

If the company has an established sales market, and the profit from its production activity is regularly credited to the account, and the solvency problem is not so acute, then the company is most likely interested in updating its technological or production base in order to increase competitiveness and reduce costs. , and, as a result, the amount of depreciation. And therefore, if the owner assumes an assessment of the assets of the enterprise to reduce the value of the property, this will deprive the company of a reliable source of funds.

Independent Property Valuation

Property valuation allows you to determine the market value of the apartment, room, land and any other object. Knowing the exact price of the property, you can determine the cost of using or renting this property. Real estate is quite an expensive object, and even a small mistake in determining its real value can result in damage to you – an unprofitable sale, an overpayment upon purchase, a shortfall in rent. The amount of real estate transactions now does not fall below several million rubles, so with an error of 1-2%, you can lose several tens of thousands of rubles, and the minimum value of the evaluation report is only 2 – 2.5 thousand rubles, the benefit is obvious.

For this reason, an independent examination of real estate is very popular. It is a qualitative and accurate valuation of real estate that will allow you to make a deal profitably and without loss. Accurately assessing the value of land, a country house or commercial real estate, you quickly make a deal.

The company “Big City” conducts a qualitative independent assessment of real estate. This is evidenced by the fact that the company occupies a consistently high place among appraisal companies. Our specialists have experience of more than 10 years. Estimation of the cost of an apartment or other real estate in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region is one of the key areas of work of our company.

How to order property valuation?

Real estate today is a valuable property and is one of the most reliable and promising investments. Therefore, any real estate transactions should begin with an objective assessment.

What is the need for real estate valuation?

The real estate appraisal makes it possible to determine the real market value of the object and draw up an official document, which will contain the total amount, as well as reflect the initial data used by the appraiser, their analysis and the course of the appraisal process.

The real value of the property allows the owner to competently make a decision related to the commercial use of the property (sales, donations, exchange, rent, mortgage, rent, inheritance), take a bank loan against real estate or land, or invest their capital.

Also, real estate appraisal is necessary when negotiating with an insurance company to coordinate insurance payments; when making real estate as a contribution to the share capital; to resolve property disputes; during privatization; when calculating property tax, etc.

The real estate includes residential premises, objects of unfinished construction, non-residential buildings and structures, land plots, isolated water bodies, forests, subsurface sites, perennial plantings, etc

There are the following types of real estate valuation:

Evaluation of commercial real estate (office, warehouse, retail and industrial premises) – during the evaluation, the value of ownership or lease rights, use rights, etc. are determined.

Find out more:

Assessment of land plots (vacant land plots and everything connected with land) – during the valuation, the market value of the right of ownership or the right of lease is determined. The evaluation is based on the principle of the most efficient use of settlement land, industry or agricultural land.

Assessment of construction in progress (objects on which construction continues and facilities for conservation and complete cessation of construction)  the approach to the assessment of construction in progress is selected depending on the classification of the object. For the evaluation of buildings and

Structures for special purposes, for example, objects of the extractive industry, the cost approach is used. For the rest of the unfinished construction projects, both cost and income approaches are used.

Evaluation of residential real estate (suburban housing, urban housing, elite residential real estate)  during the assessment, the market value of the property right for the object or other real rights is determined, for example, the right of economic management and operational management, the right of permanent (perpetual) use, taking into account mortgages and t .P.

You can order the determination of the market value of the property, which consists of one or several properties, namely:

Market value :

The cost that is most likely when the property is sold on the open market;

Replacement cost :

A cost that includes amounts in market prices spent on creating a structure or building identical to the object being valued;

Investment value:

The value, which is determined on the basis of the magnitude of the profitability of the property relative to investment objectives

Determining various types of value will provide you with objective information about the real value of the object of value and can be useful in making appropriate management decisions.

The specialists of the company “BASHKOMOTSENKA” have a lot of experience in the revaluation of real estate and real estate enterprises of the Moscow region and Moscow.

In determining the cost of facilities and buildings, we will take into account all factors that affect the cost of a building or object:

Property Valuation

In accordance with the Federal Law “On Enforcement Proceedings,” the assessment of the debtor’s property is carried out by the bailiff at market prices (it would be more correct to talk about “market value” and not “price”), acting on the day of execution of the enforcement document, , when the valuation is carried out at regulated prices. He law provides that in the event that the valuation of individual items is difficult, or the debtor or the claimant objects to the assessment made by the bailiff, the bailiff appoints a specialist to determine the value of the property. At the same time, the party challenging the valuation of the property made by the court bailiff carries expenses for the appointment of a specialist.

The main issues of appraising the arrested property are also regulated in sufficient detail by the Federal Law “On Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation.”

So, according to Article 5 of the Law, the objects of valuation are: individual material objects (things); a set of things that make up a person’s property, including property of a certain type (movable or immovable, including enterprises); the right of ownership and other proprietary rights to property or individual items from the property; rights of claim, liabilities (debts); work, services, information; Other objects of civil rights in respect of which the law of the Russian Federation establishes the possibility of their participation in civil circulation.

For more details:

The proper execution of the appraiser of hisduties, entrusted to him by the contract, is the timely drawing up in writing and transfer to the customer of the evaluation report of the valuation object (hereinafter – the report). The report should not be ambiguous or misleading. The report shall include the date of the valuation of the appraisal object, the valuation standards used, the objectives and objectives of the valuation of the valuation subject, and other information that is necessary for a full and unambiguous interpretation of the evaluation of the valuation subject matter reflected in the report. In the event that the valuation of the valuation object is determined not by market value, but by other types of value, the report should indicate the criteria for establishing the valuation of the valuation object and the reason for deviating from the possibility of determining the market value of the valuation object. The report should indicate: the date of compilation and the serial number of the report; the basis for the appraiser to conduct an appraisal of the evaluation object; the legal address of the appraiser and information on the license issued to him to perform valuation activities for this type of property; an accurate description of the valuation object, and in relation to the valuation object owned by the legal entity – the details of the legal entity and the carrying amount of the valuation subject; evaluation standards for determining the appropriate type of value of the valuation object, the rationale for their use in the assessment of this valuation object, the list of data used to assess the object, indicating the sources of their receipt, and also the assumptions made during the appraisal of the object; the sequence of determining the value of the valuation object and its final value, as well as the limitations and limits of the application of the result obtained; date of valuation of the valuation object; a list of documents used by the appraiser and establishing quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the evaluation object. The report may also contain other information that, in the opinion of the evaluator, is essential to the completeness of the reflection of the method used to calculate the value of a specific valuation object. For the assessment of certain types of objects of assessment, legislation of the Russian Federation may provide for special forms of reports. The report is personally signed by the appraiser and certified by its seal. the sequence of determining the value of the valuation object and its final value, as well as the limitations and limits of the application of the result obtained; date of valuation of the valuation object; a list of documents used by the appraiser and establishing quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the evaluation object. The report may also contain other information that, in the opinion of the evaluator, is essential to the completeness of the reflection of the method used to calculate the value of a specific valuation object. For the assessment of certain types of objects of assessment, legislation of the Russian Federation may provide for special forms of reports. The report is personally signed by the appraiser and certified by its seal. the sequence of determining the value of the valuation object and its final value, as well as the limitations and limits of the application of the result obtained; date of valuation of the valuation object; a list of documents used by the appraiser .

Understanding The Mutual Health Guarantees

The mutual (or complementary health) is a set of guarantees allowing the reimbursement of part (or all) of health costs that are not covered by social security. Social security operates on the basis of tariffs fixed by agreement (or authority). The co-payment corresponds to the difference between the convention tariff (basic rate of social security fixed for each medical act) and the social security reimbursement, after deduction of the flat-rate contribution (always at your expense).

Explanations in detail:

The functioning of the mutual health.

Mutual and complementary: what differences?

Their purpose is the same: to reimburse all or part of the medical expenses not reimbursed by social security. What makes the difference is their status.

A health supplement is an insurance contract. That is, the Allmedical-insurance company (the intermediary) that sold the contract is governed by the insurance code. They are private, for-profit companies.

Unlike mutuals (or Mutual Insurance Company) which are non-profit and governed by the code of mutuality. Their operation is based on the solidarity of contributions, that is to say that it is the members, by their contributions, who finance the complementary cover.

Reimbursement of the health expenses you have actually incurred:

The $ 1 flat fee remains your responsibility

Social security reimburses a percentage of the convention rate.

 Your mutual reimburses the co-payment

The excess of fees is either your responsibility or supported by your mutual according to the guarantees subscribed.

The fixed participation of 1 $ is asked to all insured over 18, for all consultations or acts performed by a doctor, but also on radiological examinations and medical biology analyzes.

Social security operates on the basis of tariffs fixed by agreement (or authority). Exceeding these rates is the responsibility of the insured or additional protection ( Allmedical-insurance or mutual ).

The co-payment corresponds to the difference between the convention tariff (basic rate of social security fixed for each medical act) and the social security reimbursement, after deduction of the flat-rate contribution (always at your expense).

The level of guarantees: Repayment more or less important:

The cost of your complementary depends on your profile (age, place of residence, profession …) and the level of mutual health cover chosen.

Mutuals generally offer several formulas called “packaged”, that is to say, non-customizable, offering more or less significant reimbursement of reimbursements.

Often, the cheapest formula supports user fees and a modest package for optics and dentistry.

Higher formulas support more and more positions. They will cover, for example, the overruns of fees, and propose packages for acts not reimbursed by social security (osteopaths and alternative medicine, orthodontics for adults, dental implants, etc.).

It is important to adapt the level of the formula that you choose to your budget but also to your needs. If you wear glasses or go to the dentist frequently, you will need to choose an intermediate or even high formula, providing for a sufficient refund, if you want to be reimbursed for most of your expenses.

Some contracts are customizable, then you will be able to add options. For example, you will be able to choose from the packaged formulas proposed, then add a specific “module” (for example a guarantee “alternative medicines”).

Other contracts will be flexible. You can then choose a high module in dental and optical, without subscribing high guarantees on other positions.

Good to know:

Modular or customizable contracts often prove to be more expensive than packaged contracts.

The guarantee consultations: general medicine and specialized medicine

Social security has set up the coordinated care path. This is the declaration to the social security, your doctor. Social security reimbursements are then unchanged.

If you have not declared a doctor or are seeing a doctor other than your doctor without having been referred by him, you are declared “out of the coordinated care path”. Your reimbursements by the social security will then be less.

Physician fees (and therefore your reimbursements) may vary according to their category (specialist or generalist) and their sector of activity:

Sector 1:

doctor contracted. It applies the convention tariff fixed by social security

Sector 2:

doctor with free fees. He may apply fee overruns. The reimbursement base applied by social security is lower. You will be paid less.

The medical practitioner who adheres to the controlled rate of practice option (Optam): he is authorized to charge reasonable fees.

Examples of reimbursements of contracted doctors:

You consult a general practitioner contracted sector 1. The convention rate is 25 $, and the social security reimbursement base is 70%. You pay $ 25, the social security reimburses you 70% of $ 25, or $ 17.50, and deducts $ 1 participation fee, so $ 16.50. The remaining portion between 25 $ paid and 17.50 $ is the user fee, or $ 7.50, which will be supported by your mutual.

You consult a general practitioner contracted sector 2. The convention rate is then $ 23, and the social security reimbursement base is always 70%. You pay $ 35 for consultation, the social security reimburses you 70% of $ 23, or $ 16.10, and deducts $ 1 participation fee, so $ 15.10. The remaining portion between $ 23 basic and $ 16.10 is the co-payment, or $ 6.90, which will be supported by your mutual. The difference between $ 35 paid and $ 23 reimbursed by the mutual Allmedical-insurance company and the social security (and $ 1 participation fee) corresponds to the overruns.

For specialists (excluding psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and neurologists), the same principles and amounts apply.

Property Valuation

The procedure for assessing material objects is necessary in many life situations.

Without it, you cannot inherit, take a mortgage or carry out transactions with real estate .

State organizations and commercial firms can evaluate land plots, vehicles, equipment and business in general, houses and apartments.

Property Valuation Procedure

Evaluation procedure Evaluation is necessary to determine the value of a particular object. It can be conducted in two cases:

Without fail. The determination of the price of material objects is required at the legislative level in the course of privatization or inheritance of real estate, as well as in the restructuring or bankruptcy of business;

On a voluntary basis. For example, if the owner wants to get information about the market price for his apartment or land.

To learn more about the procedure for buying and selling land you can in this article.

If you decide to take part in the privatization of state or municipal property, buy or sell a real estate object and / or a land plot, transfer property as collateral for mortgage lending purposes, obtain an inheritance, get an insurance payment under OSAGO or face bankruptcy of the enterprise, then you will have the need to conduct a mandatory assessment of your movable or immovable property.

The cases of mandatory assessment are regulated not only by legislation on appraisal activity, but also by decrees of the President, Government decrees, instructions of the Ministries and departments, resolutions and orders of the state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

when determining the value of valuation objects owned by when using valuation objects belonging to the Russian Federation, to subjects of the Russian Federation or municipal entities, as a subject of pledge;

at sale or other alienation of objects of the estimation belonging to the Russian Federation, to subjects of the Russian Federation or municipal unions;

When transferring objects of valuation belonging to the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation or municipal entities, as a contribution to the authorized capital, funds of legal entities,

As well as when a dispute arises about the value of the subject of valuation, including:

At nationalization of property;

With mortgage lending to individuals and legal entities in cases of disputes about the value of the value of the subject of the mortgage;

when drawing up marriage contracts and dividing the property of divorcing spouses at the request of one of the parties or both parties in the event of a dispute over the value of this property;

At redemption or other seizure of property from owners for state or municipal needs provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

When assessing valuation objects to monitor the accuracy of tax payments in the event of a dispute over the calculation of the tax base.

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. Assessment of the contribution to the authorized capital of business entities.

  1. a) Estimation of contributions to the authorized capital of joint-stock companies carried out in a non-monetary form (clause 3 of Article 34 “Payment of shares and other equity securities of the company upon their placement” of the Federal Law of December 26, 1995 N 208-FZ “On Joint Stock Companies ” ).
  2. b) Assessment of contributions to the authorized capital in limited liability companies that are carried out in kind ( paragraph 1 of Article 15 “Payment of shares in the authorized capital of the company” of the Federal Law of 8 February 1998 No. 14-FZ “On Limited Liability Companies ” ).

When paying for shares in non-monetary funds to determine the market value of the property to be contributed to the authorized capital of the joint-stock company, an independent appraiser shall be employed, unless otherwise provided by federal law. The monetary value of the property produced by the company’s founders and the board of directors (supervisory board) of the company cannot be higher than the value of the valuation made by the independent appraiser.

What Music Brings Us?

In this article, here are some thoughts on what we bring learning music. It is obvious that music allows us to develop, improve, gain confidence, develop our senses etc …

There is no age to learn music , the only mistake would be not to start. There is so much to learn from music.

The awakening of the senses

Music is an art that develops mainly 3 senses:


You do not have to draw a picture, but touch is a very important part of music. The musician expresses feelings through music (joy, pain, pain …) and his instrument that interprets it. All this to say that touch can nuance, color, intensify these nuances. Moreover, if we look at some classical scores (for example those of F. Chopin), we realize how much the composers are very attentive to this and the touch allows to express these sensitivities.


Listening to sounds is part of musical learning, especially through musical dictation exercises. Every musician must be able to hear and reproduce a sound or a melody. Some even have the absolute ear. But without going so far, it is obvious that the ear of a musician will be more “sensitive” to notes and more generally to sounds.


The musician obviously needs his eyes to read or write a score. But beyond this evidence and as mentioned above, the musician develops qualities and reading skills that others will not have (regularity and anticipation).

Read more:Musicpleer

Music is therefore an art that significantly develops these three senses.


Music allows a better knowledge of oneself and one’s sensibilities. I do not speak only of Chopin’s nocturnes which can reveal the romanticism of each one. Learning to play music can evacuate or express any form of feelings (anger, joy, pain, deliverance …), it is above all the expression of oneself, of a state of soul or spirit. Through music, the musician learns to know himself, to free himself and to express himself.

The social function

Of course, music plays a predominant role at the social level. It is by definition a moment of sharing and complicity that can be found in other areas such as sports. Making music allows you to exchange, enjoy, listen and simply to live unforgettable moments with friends or family.

The performance

This is one of the great advantages of the conservatory, this teaching makes it possible very early to measure itself to an audience. Very quickly, we teach young pianists, guitarists, violinists and others to play in public. Beyond technical performance, you have to manage your anxiety, your stress, overcome your fear of doing well.

It is undoubtedly a learning for everyday life, we will all be brought one day to speak in public, it learns, you have to know how to manage your emotions and music, like theater for example, allows to to develop this capacity that we all have in ourselves to go beyond our fears and shyness. You have to build self-confidence.

I’m not always in tune with this teaching, simply because conservatoires have sometimes forgotten the notion of pleasure for the benefit of performance. However, the search for excellence, that is to say, not to be satisfied with an “almost” is always commendable and a teaching valid for all the life, whatever the field.

Fnaf World Fnaf World (Russian Fnaf World 4)

is an indie horror game in the genre “Point and click “from the developer Scott Coughton, released on July 24, 2015 on Steam. The game is a prequel to the second part of the game, but only on the first night. Starting from the second night, the game becomes a medium.

Description of the game

In the fourth chapter of fnaf world, we again have to defend themselves against Freddy Fazbera, Cheeky, Bonnie, Foxy and Fredbera, Nightmare (additional animatronics) and other horrific creatures that lurk in the dark.


The game takes place during the Fredbear’s Family Dinner, where Fredber and SpringBonny were. We play for the child. All the time we play in the children’s room, which is now an analogue of the office. All that we have to protect – doors and a flashlight. There are four possible places for the appearance of nightmarish animatronics.

Two doors, located on the sides of the room. There appear the Nightmare Chika, the Nightmare Bonnie, the Nightmare Fredber and the Nightmare (On the Halloween version instead of the Nightmare Chuckey, The Nightmarish Bonnie and the Nightmare – Jack-O-Chick, Jack-O-Bonny and the Nightmare, respectively).

Closet-pantry, located in the center. There is a Nightmare Foxy (In the Halloween version – The Nightmare Mangle), after he runs into it.

The bed is located behind the player. There appears the Nightmare Freddie after all three mini- Freddies have assembled.

The player can run up to the doors and to the closet, shine in the halls and inside the cabinet, there is also the opportunity to turn around and shine a flashlight on the bed – this is mainly necessary to drive the Nightmare Mini Freddie.

Here the main thing – the sounds and the ” winking “, as the player will have to listen to calculate located outside antagonist door, and if 3 seconds after you have reached the door, he heard breathing animatronics  – you need to close the door and wait until the wind will not be repeated or steps will be heard. If at this moment you will light a flashlight in the corridor – you will be killed by the animatronic. When you blink, you can understand if the animatronic has gone or not, the child blinks when three little nightmarish Freddies appear behind him.

After the passage of each night (except for the nights, beginning with the fifth (before the fifth night he appears for the last time)), and also in the Extra menu, the player has the opportunity to play a mini-game ” Fun with Plushtrap “, where you must with flashlight to make so that at the time of illumination the plush version of the Springtrap – Pliushtrap – stood on the cross, scheduled on the floor. If you manage to do this – the next night will start immediately at two o’clock, if you lose, you will again be 12 o’clock in the morning. (When playing through the menu Extra two-hour bonus is missing) In the Halloween version of the game is called Fun with Nightmare Balloon Boy. The rules remain the same, but you need to catch the Nightmare Boy with Balls.


TINTED GLASS- Residential Window Tinting

If you decide to tint the windows of your vehicle, you must respect certain technical characteristics to avoid trouble.

Do you dream of Residential Window Tinting? We do not give you wrong: they bring a personalized touch to your car. In addition, they provide passengers with greater privacy, greatly reduce indoor heat during hot summer days, and provide optimal protection against harmful UV rays for the skin. You are facing a broken glass? The tinted windows break less easily and retain the shards of glass.

Ear side windows and rear window: the smoke panes can be of any color and any level of transparency, provided you can see outside from the cockpit that your car is equipped with two side mirrors and the degree of reverberation does not exceed 15%. If your rear skylight is equipped with a third integrated brake light, we advise to leave the part of the Residential Window Tinting untainted where the lights are located.

Front side windows and windshield: tinted treatment (even clear) is totally forbidden on these windows!. The only thing allowed is a solar strip, with or without lettering, on the windshield (not on the front side windows). This solar strip cannot be reflective and its lower horizontal limit cannot be lower than the lower edge of your unfolded interior sun visors.

Good to know!

Clean your car inside and out as much as possible before staining the tinted film for best results.

Any scratches on your windows will be even more visible with Residential Window Tinting   Take it into account.

If we have to disassemble your glass, disassembly costs are not included in the price of the tinted film installation.


Where there is a window or painted surface that needs to be protected, we see a prospect of profit just waiting for you. With a complete solution for Roland DG Residential Window Tinting films, the possibilities are endless.

Rely on for the installation of tinted films on commercial building windows thanks to an exclusive installation technique developed by a team of over twenty years of experience.

The use of glazing films is recommended for any type of business, be it a restaurant, a shop or an office building. The different glazing treatments and colors available will add a touch of elegance to conference rooms, showrooms, shop windows, glass partitions, mirrors and bathrooms.


We offer a wide range of Residential Window Tinting films for car bodies, car windows and residential and commercial buildings.

We guarantee a professional installation and courteous service, in addition to offering you the best warranty in the industry!