All You Need To Know About The Alpha Bunker – How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft

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The Alpha Bunker is one of the exploreable bunkers on the world map of The Last Day on Earth Survival. When entering this place for the first time, you should see a corpse, if you search it you will find a CAC card needed to enter the bunker. Unlike Bunker Bravo, the Alpha How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft has no zombies at its top level, but you’ll find all kinds of loots, the least useful object to the most useful. Make sure to come with an empty bag to be sure to leave with a maximum of resources, weapons and stuffs. Since version 1.5 of The Last Day on Earth Survival, you will see a computer that requires code to open the vault.

To get your code, you will need to have a specific object built in your database, the code changes every 24 hours. To learn how to get AlphaHow To Build A Bunker In Minecraftcode, follow our guide at: Last Day On Earth Survival Guide – How To Get The Alpha Bunker Code! .

After searching the upper floor, you can attack the lower floors which this time contain a very real threat … Zombies, some unique species!

Alpha Bunker – Lower Levels -1

In the lower level of the Alpha How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft
, you will find many things, you can find a minigun and an AK-47 and a tactical armor set. Beware however, the lower level of Bunker A is rather well kept, you can cross a new type of Zombie, the rabid giant. Stay wary, it’s fast and it hurts a lot!


The Last Day on earth Alfa Bunker all the booty

Here are the loot you’ll find in the lower level of the Alpha How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft

Awards 1:

  • Beer x3
  • Water bottle x3
  • Cooked beans x3

Rewards 2 (Warning: there is a laser alarm just before the door) :

  • AK-47
  • Tactical Armor Set
  • Tactical cap
  • Tactical armor
  • Tactical trousers
  • Tactical boots

Rewards 3:

  • Pattern (random design)
  • Minigun
  • Transportation Components (for ATV or Chopper)
  • Painting x3 (random colors)
  • Alcohol x5
  • Essence x4
  • Nails x5
  • Iron Bar x10
  • turrets

Be aware that you can find two turrets in the Bunker Alfa. Turrets are real dangers in the Bunker, the only way to destroy them is to use a pistol or an assault rifle, preferably an M16 or a Vint Vintorez rifle. Shoot him when you’re out of range to avoid taking damage. Remember to recover the AK-47 from the arsenal, it can help you against the two turrets. The trick is to walk to the corner of the room, away from the electric fence. Once in the corner, walk slowly down, you should be able to target the turret and be out of reach.

Once both turrets are destroyed, go to the terminal. You will need the following resources to open the door and access the Bunker’s loot room:

  • Bolts x 10
  • Cable x 7
  • Transistor x 5

After completion,How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft Alfa can be used as a storage area. Good luck, you will need it! You can find lots of guides and tips for The Last Day on Earth on our pages, do not hesitate to do some research but here are some pages that will be useful for you.

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