Fnaf World Fnaf World (Russian Fnaf World 4)

is an indie horror game in the genre “Point and click “from the developer Scott Coughton, released on July 24, 2015 on Steam. The game is a prequel to the second part of the game, but only on the first night. Starting from the second night, the game becomes a medium.

Description of the game

In the fourth chapter of fnaf world, we again have to defend themselves against Freddy Fazbera, Cheeky, Bonnie, Foxy and Fredbera, Nightmare (additional animatronics) and other horrific creatures that lurk in the dark.


The game takes place during the Fredbear’s Family Dinner, where Fredber and SpringBonny were. We play for the child. All the time we play in the children’s room, which is now an analogue of the office. All that we have to protect – doors and a flashlight. There are four possible places for the appearance of nightmarish animatronics.

Two doors, located on the sides of the room. There appear the Nightmare Chika, the Nightmare Bonnie, the Nightmare Fredber and the Nightmare (On the Halloween version instead of the Nightmare Chuckey, The Nightmarish Bonnie and the Nightmare – Jack-O-Chick, Jack-O-Bonny and the Nightmare, respectively).

Closet-pantry, located in the center. There is a Nightmare Foxy (In the Halloween version – The Nightmare Mangle), after he runs into it.

The bed is located behind the player. There appears the Nightmare Freddie after all three mini- Freddies have assembled.

The player can run up to the doors and to the closet, shine in the halls and inside the cabinet, there is also the opportunity to turn around and shine a flashlight on the bed – this is mainly necessary to drive the Nightmare Mini Freddie.

Here the main thing – the sounds and the ” winking “, as the player will have to listen to calculate located outside antagonist door, and if 3 seconds after you have reached the door, he heard breathing animatronics  – you need to close the door and wait until the wind will not be repeated or steps will be heard. If at this moment you will light a flashlight in the corridor – you will be killed by the animatronic. When you blink, you can understand if the animatronic has gone or not, the child blinks when three little nightmarish Freddies appear behind him.

After the passage of each night (except for the nights, beginning with the fifth (before the fifth night he appears for the last time)), and also in the Extra menu, the player has the opportunity to play a mini-game ” Fun with Plushtrap “, where you must with flashlight to make so that at the time of illumination the plush version of the Springtrap – Pliushtrap – stood on the cross, scheduled on the floor. If you manage to do this – the next night will start immediately at two o’clock, if you lose, you will again be 12 o’clock in the morning. (When playing through the menu Extra two-hour bonus is missing) In the Halloween version of the game is called Fun with Nightmare Balloon Boy. The rules remain the same, but you need to catch the Nightmare Boy with Balls.


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