Properly Formulated Goal

Mandatory concerns:

State property;

State property insurance;



Property division.

Initiatives associated with:

Registration of transactions;

Reorganization of enterprises;



Private property insurance:

A properly formulated goal gives an advantage in choosing the method and approach to the valuation activity, which helps to reduce the price for the work performed.

Step 2. Choose an appraisal company:

Pay attention to the cost of services and specialization of the appraiser. Cheap is certainly good, but the erroneous conclusion about the price can cost much more. Therefore, compare prices for the same services from different companies.

Expensive things for you may not correspond to their market value and vice versa! Experienced appraisers will declare their reputation and will immediately give a preliminary consultation regarding further work.

If you decide to contact a private company, be sure to request an insurance policy from the company and make sure that there are at least two employees in the company making the assessment (a mandatory condition of the law of the Russian Federation).

Step 3. Make an appointment and conclude an agreement:

Having decided on an appraisal company, you are applying for work. This can be either an oral statement (telephone calls) or an electronic form. The conditions in both cases are the same. You must provide your passport data, indicate the object and purpose of the assessment and set a convenient time for work.

At the next meeting an agreement is concluded – from this moment you enter into a legal agreement with an appraisal firm. To sign a deal, you need to carry with you identification documents, as well as identifiers of the object and your rights to it.

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After signing the contract, you must pay for the services of the appraisal company, which will give further progress to the agreement. This can be done at any bank branch or at the office of the appraiser, subject to issuing you a cash receipt confirming the legality of the transaction.

Next, you must provide access to the assessed property. Mandatory contract form means that you must allow a specialist to inspect and examine the object.

In the future, in your presence there is no need. This task can be performed by a trustee. You can create a power of attorney for free at the appraiser’s office. During the inspection, you may have to answer any questions that may affect the value of the object, so the trustee must be a close friend of you!

The appraiser will compile a list of the inspection, take away copies of your identification documents from you and set a date for the final execution of the property valuation report.

Step 5. We receive a report on the work:

The conclusion is prepared, according to the law, no more than 3 days. Drawn up in writing and is a report of the estimated value of the property.

Examine the document and ask your questions. After clarifying all the nuances, you sign the act of acceptance and transmission of the property valuation document. This report, the original or a copy, you provide at the place of demand.

At all stages of the work you can consult with professional lawyers from the company Lawyer. You can count on the support and resolution of the whole range of legal issues at any time convenient for you.

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