Coffee Cups – Buying Guide, Grading And Testing In 2018

If we take into account that nearly one in three drinks coffee in the day, this is enough to convince us of one thing: that a cup of coffee should be chosen appropriately to avoid spending your budget unnecessarily. an unsuitable product. If the Branded Coffee Cups  are not necessarily all the same, however, it is essential to pay attention to details such as the material with which your cup is made, its shape but also its size. If you are short of time to read our buying guide and keep up to date with the most recommended products, which are also the result of a long search, then consider choosing from the following 2 models. With its double wall and well thought-out design, the Bodum Pavina 4557-10-12is one of the most popular in the field. It is easily recognized by its set of 6 glasses and its prestigious design that is unanimous among consumers. As an alternative, you have the Paris A-0791 Artists with their silicone headbands and cheerful looks.

How to choose a good coffee mug?

Do you know that about 60% of the population drinks coffee at least once a day? This habit makes most people need to choose a cup of coffee adapted to their drinking habits, not to mention that each person has their own favorite cup. In this buying guide for the best coffee mugs, find out how to buy a better value coffee mug and choose the one that will become your favorite.

  • Purchase guide
  • The material

There are a multitude of materials used to make Branded Coffee Cups  on the market. The most traditional are the coffee cups made of porcelain. They have the advantage of keeping the heat but have the annoying tendency to break easily at the slightest shock. In addition, these cups are rarely durable unless they are real Chinese porcelain, which is very expensive.

It is for this reason that we find more and more Branded Coffee Cups  made of plastic and metal combination, glass or ceramic. The qualities and defects of ceramics are very similar to those of porcelain. As for the plastic and metal combination, it is mainly characterized by a stainless metal interior and a plastic exterior. Most cups come with a lid.

Hybrid cups made of plastic or metal retain heat, especially if they have a lid. Glass Branded Coffee Cups  whose internal surfaces are not vitrified, withstand high temperatures very well. The best cups should all withstand the warmth of hot tea or coffee; some can also be used to drink iced drinks.

The form

Depending on the material with which the cup is made, you should not have any trouble finding where to buy a new coffee cup. Porcelain Branded Coffee Cups  are mainly in the same traditional half-round shape with or without handles. Those in glass will copy this shape but can also be declined in half-ovals with flat base or square or rectangular. These are the hybrid plastic / metal Branded Coffee Cups  that differ a lot from the other two models.

They give the impression of being a protected cup and are therefore ideal to be brought everywhere. This is the travel mug of the lot. In terms of price comparison, you can include as bonus cups that come with cups and form a set. If you are picky in terms of presentation and standing, our advice is to choose for cups with chic design.


It’s not that you’re a big coffee drinker that you absolutely need the biggest coffee mug! The standard size of a coffee cup for one person has a capacity of about 350ml.

So it’s more or less the starting reference for the minimum size of a cup. From there, you will have cups with a capacity of ml and larger ones, especially the hybrid coffee cups can go up to 375 ml. Choose according to your taste but also see how the cup is held in your hand. Do not forget to consider the weight when choosing. The perfect cup must be light, of good shape and withstand the warmth of a hot coffee.

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