The Benefits Of A Tinted Glazed Window

When the window pane is tinted, the level of light passing through it is reduced and the residents of the house can preserve their privacy from outside eyes. There are different ways to tint the glass.

Types of tinted glazing

There are different ways to commercial window tinting Houston the glass of a window. Nevertheless, we will only remember the two most practiced:

  • ·         The use of film ,
  • ·         The option for an opacifying window.

The use of film as the option for the pacifying window is becoming more common nowadays.

The film used is the non-reflective one. It can be transparent or colored according to your needs and your aesthetic taste. Nevertheless, know that when it does not have a color, it only serves to stop certain solar rays.

For the opacifying window, it is the glazing itself that is tinted. It may be darker or lighter depending on the owner’s requirement for the level of privacy desired. Most often, the glass is provided with liquid crystal film to adapt the dye to your needs.

The advantages of these processes

In general, if people decide to tint the windows of their windows, it is because they want to have more privacy in their home and they want to be out of sight of passersby.

Nevertheless, commercial window tinting Houston the glass also reduces the light rays entering the house. Opacifying windows like movies allow light to pass, but at a lower level of brightness.

Some films are used to reinforce the insulation of the house at the windows by stopping the heat. Others stop the harmful solar rays that tarnish the elements that are regularly in contact with them over the years.

There are also films that are used both to not be seen from the outside to secure the home by strengthening the resistance of the glazing.

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What is electro chromic glazing?

The electro chromic glazing follows the same principle as the pacifying glazing since it is possible to modify its appearance thanks to the electric current. However, it is a question of modifying not the opacity (the glass remains here transparent) but the hue, while controlling the luminous influx of the sun. It is a glazing composed of thin layers of electrode and counter-electrode separated by a charge conductor named electrolyte. When the current passes, this causes a chemical reaction: the glazing takes a bluish tint thanks to the presence of tungsten oxide and retains once the current cut until it regains its initial hue according to the sun’s radiation. It stays bluish with strong radiation and returns to normal when this radiation is less.

Where to put electro chromic glazing?

It is used primarily as glazing for luxury cars but is also used for houses and buildings such as verandas, houses or museums. Its use is still marginal, however.

Advantages of electro chromic glazing

It is a customizable glazing, described as “smart”. Indeed, it is possible to adjust the level of brightness or visibility as you see fit. It helps to protect from the sun and avoid glare. Thus, it is possible to modulate the degree of heat of the room while keeping a visibility towards the outside. You do not need air conditioning or blinds. It is a system that, moreover, consumes little electricity since we can keep the tinted glass off. This allows useful savings, up to 30% energy savings. It requires no maintenance and adapts to all weather conditions and dimensions.

Who is the electro chromic glazing for?

It is aimed at all those who wish to save energy and protect themselves from the sun, individuals or professionals. However, it is not yet widespread and its high price does not make it accessible for all budgets.

Price of an electro chromic glazing

This glazing is still marginal, so that its price is 600$ per square meter

Other examples of modular glazing

·         Thermo chromic glazing whose color varies according to the outside temperature

·         the pacifying glazing whose transparency varies thanks to an electrical connection


·         the photochromic glazing whose hue varies according to the sun’s radiation

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