A 6% FHA Mortgage in 2018: Conditions – FHA Mortgage Program

Factors such as the stabilization of the situation in the economy, low inflation and reduction of the key rate of the Central Bank has opened new prospects for the development of the housing market, despite the stagnation in the construction industry. To support developers and to give citizens the opportunity to purchase housing at the expense of credit funds, according to Putin’s decree has developed a new social program, which aims to support families with two or more children. For its implementation have already allocated 600 billion rubles, which must be mastered to 31.11.2022.

Conditions of registration

To get a fha mortgage 6 per cent in 2018, with a condition of the subsidy can be in any Bank that is a member, or of the seller. If the borrower loan the conditions offered to him, he can expect to partially cover the costs of debt service that will help to reduce his credit load. The obligation to compensate for commercial banks lost income (the difference between the market rate and 6%) vested in the Ministry of Finance of the US Federation and to control the correctness of payment and accrual will be the seller. FHA mortgage on preferential terms will only be issued for the purchase of apartments in new buildings and to refinance previously issued housing loans if their purpose was the property acquired in the primary market. The contract of sale shall be concluded only with legal entity, which excludes the possibility of obtaining a loan by way of assignment of the debt obligations from the other borrower.

To learn how to get a child’s mortgage need to apply to a Bank that is participant of the state program, and to seek advice on the terms and procedure of granting subsidies. Count on preferential credit terms is possible only in case of registration of the fha mortgage, subject to such requirements:

  • initial payment – not less than 20% of the cost of housing;
  • the payment of the debt annuity payments;
  • the amount of loan should not exceed 3 million rubles for the region and more than 8 million. for MO, Moscow, LO and Saint-Petersburg;
  • mortgages received in rubles, and the deal was made not earlier than 01.01.2018 year (except when borrowed funds necessary for the refinancing of existing obligations).

Who will be able to.

As said Vladimir Putin about the 6 percent mortgage, in 2018, consumers will be able to take advantage of the new social program of support of young families that should affect fertility in the regions. Count on subsidizing of the right of any citizen of the US Federation, which meets the requirements of the Bank, which he wants to get a loan. To do this, it needs to have:.

  • permanent registration in the region of registration of the fha mortgage
  • stable financial state, that will be a guarantee of its solvency;
  • a sufficient level of income; formal employment, which can be confirmed by the relevant documents;
  • a high credit rating, which implies a lack of arrears and other debt obligations.

The Bank may refuse the borrower in providing the funds if acquired real estate is illiquid or there is concern that the developer will not be able to pass the object into operation in the initially set term.

When you refinance a mortgage loan will require the consent of the current lender for a renewal of the current liabilities, which must accompany the documents. Before the transfer of the collateral interest is charged at a rate typical of unsecured loans.

Design features

The procedure for obtaining 6-percent mortgage in 2018 is very similar, so the design is enough to contact the Bank accredited to participate in the program, and provide the necessary documents. We should pay attention to such features of the loan:.

  • for registration is best to choose programs with low interest, otherwise after the expiry of the subsidy will be faced with the need to pay a large sum of payment that will negate all the benefits of participation in the program sotspodderzhki;
  • there is no instrument notice of the possibility of obtaining a mortgage on favorable terms. Therefore, if a citizen missed the news that he can take a loan at a reduced rate, he does not exercise such right (if the Bank fails to notify him of the action program);
  • the term of subsidizing is 3 years, if the family has a second child born in the period from 1 January 2018 until 31 December 2022, or 5 years for families with three or more children;

after the end of the program period, the mortgage interest rate will be set to the size of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank, in force at the time of conclusion of the credit transaction, +2%.

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