Gray Suit 4men In 5 Steps. 1 – The Casual Model

You take the transport in costume with your towel, and you look like a schoolboy model. It’s nice and warm, you do not want to weigh down your figure (and your situation) with an overcoat. You do not believe that time has come for silk scarves? Mistrust, however: too much care given to the way you knot it gives a pinched look, where you have just sought a higher note of looseness.

Z Zegna Costume 950 $ – Freesoul Shirt 50 $ – Celio Belt 22,99 $ – Hermes Scarf 620 $ – CK 105 $

2 & 3 – With a polo shirt or shirt

With a polo collar folded and open. We choose its color according to its complexion. Clear skins will be nice to avoid the bright and dyed tones of undertaker that provide the red, green and yellow … The dull skins will enjoy a range of eccentricities more important: the sharp contrasts work by their dynamism. With a shirt that tends to go more generally with jeans, we play the superposition shameless, provided that the suit 4men jacket is sufficiently adjusted to avoid the seller side of fruits and vegetables. Superposition suggests the infinite of possibilities and not a literal reality. You can choose between shirt and polo.

Polo Polo Deauville 75 $ – Shirt Replay Maestro135 € – Jacket 380 €, pants 170 $  The Kooples –  Braided leather bracelet and silver beads 430 €, black leather strap with braided silver application 490 €  Bottega Veneta – Tom Ford  glasses 371 $ – Piaget Altiplano 11000 watch €

4 – The gray suit 4men and the black shirt

Long arbitrarily blackballed, we are forced to reconsider his case. Although misused 80% of the time (the total black look of Hollywood stars is horror to gun down), it gives the best of itself when its scent of forbidden twister has an impeccable. This is probably why rock and jazz musicians are such good publicity. You will notice that she is always open. Never without an elegant counterpoint has (a pocket or a three-piece suited 4men).

Jacket € 1015, $ 415 Trousers   Saint Laurent – Shirt Uniqlo + J 29, 90 $ – Tie Hackett 90 € – Sunglasses Oliver Peoples 240 $

  1. This summer

The terraces of the cafes are crowded, His Majesty has been good enough to promise us the summer. Barefooted in boats or moccasins in colored skin, shoes laced in a hurry and skated by the bohemian life (clean indeed, but not freshly waxed) of a tone close to that of your costume – too strong contrasts give senseless results. This is the famous theorem of the “washing machine” which teaches us that the light-dark mix reflects a dull spirit. Which is also true for the pair of pants and shoes. Straight pants breaks once on your kick. Two or three setbacks are allowed, or just tolerated (one day, we will stop with that, it is promised); cigarette or tapered, he points out the ankle standing, the highlight sitting. Note that in the family of T-shirts,

Jacket 365 €, pants 165 €, Sandro – Replay T-shirt 60 € – Sebago Shoes 140 € – Braided leather bracelet and silver beads 430 €, black leather strap with braided silver application 490 $ Bodega Veneto –  Watch Piaget Altiplano 11000 €

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