How To Apply and Get Approved For a Mortgage

When it comes time to meet with a financial advisor or mortgage broker to apply for a mortgage loan, you must provide certain documents that will allow those consulted to properly evaluate your credit report and better understand your financial situation.
First, the first piece of information to share with your advisor and / or broker is your annual income. To speed up the process, bring your tax returns for the last two years and a letter from your employer stating your annual income and your years of service with the company.
Secondly, it must evaluate what you own (assets), such as your bank accounts (with their balances), your various investments (term deposits, government bonds, equities, mutual funds, REE.R. , etc.), your car (s), your real estate, etc. It is strongly suggested to update your bank accounts, to bring the last monthly statements of your investments and to put everything on paper, so as not to forget anything.
Third, you will need to list your debts (liabilities), such as balances on your respective credit cards, personal loans, credit margins, existence of a student loan, and so on. Do not forget to put them on paper as well. You Can Get quote about Home loan online on our site.

After collecting all these documents, your advisor and / or broker will evaluate your net worth. To do this, he will calculate the difference between your assets and liabilities. From these data, it will perform certain calculations to evaluate your debt ratios. Based on these results, the quality of your credit report and your annual income, he will evaluate the maximum amount he agrees to lend you. This means that if you intend to buy a property by borrowing more than it has given you, your mortgage application will simply be refused and you will have to repeat your steps.
It is also possible to evaluate your mortgage loan capacity and to calculate the monthly payments of a mortgage loan under different scenarios. To do this you only have to consult the sites of the financial institutions. In closing, remember that by meeting a financial institution, you have the opportunity to book your mortgage rate. It’s completely free, and it protects you against a possible rise in interest rates.

Remember, if rates go down, yours will go down too! In general, we will guarantee your rate for 90 days. In some cases, it can be guaranteed until the date of your visit to the notary.

6 steps to get a mortgage approval from your bank
By obtaining prior approval from your bank, you have a powerful tool to find the home of your dreams. Read the following tips for getting a pre-authorized mortgage and take the right path to buying your home!

Check your credit rating

In a few minutes, your lender or you can establish your credit report and ask for your rating. By knowing these values, you can easily locate yourself in the real estate market and make the best decision between buying a house or apartment.
Mortgage lenders reserve the lowest interest rates for people with the best credit ratings.

Provide proof of income

One of the first things a mortgage lender will ask of you is proof of income. Your T4 statements in recent years are an important guide for your lender by allowing you to accurately assess what you earn and how much you can afford.

Prove your assets

In addition to your proof of income, the mortgage lender will also want to view your bank statements. They will provide him with conclusive information that will allow him to get a complete picture of your specific financial situation and establish a better evaluation of your ability to borrow and repay a mortgage.
This step will also include an inventory of your current indebtedness. You may want to consider repaying some debts, such as a student loan, before you begin the preliminary approval process to ensure you have the largest capital available to expand your home buying opportunities.

Bring a confirmation of employment

Without just checking your payslips, the lender will also need to make sure you are currently employed. He may even contact your employer to confirm your salary.
If you have changed jobs recently, the lender will call both your previous employer and the current to get a better idea of ​​your financial situation and give you the best loan options for the purchase of housing.

Provide your personally identifiable information

Your lender will want to know almost everything about you! The next step is to provide personal identification forms such as a driver’s license and other relevant documents.
It is also possible that a signature is required to allow your lender to obtain the history and credit reports.

Start the process

Regardless of the type of home sought, it is important to have a preliminary mortgage approval that is an important and powerful tool in homeownership.
The intervention may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but your lender is a professional who needs as complete and accurate a picture of your finances as possible to help you find a home that you can afford now as well as at

home. ‘to come up.

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