Independent Property Valuation

Property valuation allows you to determine the market value of the apartment, room, land and any other object. Knowing the exact price of the property, you can determine the cost of using or renting this property. Real estate is quite an expensive object, and even a small mistake in determining its real value can result in damage to you – an unprofitable sale, an overpayment upon purchase, a shortfall in rent. The amount of real estate transactions now does not fall below several million rubles, so with an error of 1-2%, you can lose several tens of thousands of rubles, and the minimum value of the evaluation report is only 2 – 2.5 thousand rubles, the benefit is obvious.

For this reason, an independent examination of real estate is very popular. It is a qualitative and accurate valuation of real estate that will allow you to make a deal profitably and without loss. Accurately assessing the value of land, a country house or commercial real estate, you quickly make a deal.

The company “Big City” conducts a qualitative independent assessment of real estate. This is evidenced by the fact that the company occupies a consistently high place among appraisal companies. Our specialists have experience of more than 10 years. Estimation of the cost of an apartment or other real estate in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region is one of the key areas of work of our company.

How to order property valuation?

Real estate today is a valuable property and is one of the most reliable and promising investments. Therefore, any real estate transactions should begin with an objective assessment.

What is the need for real estate valuation?

The real estate appraisal makes it possible to determine the real market value of the object and draw up an official document, which will contain the total amount, as well as reflect the initial data used by the appraiser, their analysis and the course of the appraisal process.

The real value of the property allows the owner to competently make a decision related to the commercial use of the property (sales, donations, exchange, rent, mortgage, rent, inheritance), take a bank loan against real estate or land, or invest their capital.

Also, real estate appraisal is necessary when negotiating with an insurance company to coordinate insurance payments; when making real estate as a contribution to the share capital; to resolve property disputes; during privatization; when calculating property tax, etc.

The real estate includes residential premises, objects of unfinished construction, non-residential buildings and structures, land plots, isolated water bodies, forests, subsurface sites, perennial plantings, etc

There are the following types of real estate valuation:

Evaluation of commercial real estate (office, warehouse, retail and industrial premises) – during the evaluation, the value of ownership or lease rights, use rights, etc. are determined.

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Assessment of land plots (vacant land plots and everything connected with land) – during the valuation, the market value of the right of ownership or the right of lease is determined. The evaluation is based on the principle of the most efficient use of settlement land, industry or agricultural land.

Assessment of construction in progress (objects on which construction continues and facilities for conservation and complete cessation of construction)  the approach to the assessment of construction in progress is selected depending on the classification of the object. For the evaluation of buildings and

Structures for special purposes, for example, objects of the extractive industry, the cost approach is used. For the rest of the unfinished construction projects, both cost and income approaches are used.

Evaluation of residential real estate (suburban housing, urban housing, elite residential real estate)  during the assessment, the market value of the property right for the object or other real rights is determined, for example, the right of economic management and operational management, the right of permanent (perpetual) use, taking into account mortgages and t .P.

You can order the determination of the market value of the property, which consists of one or several properties, namely:

Market value :

The cost that is most likely when the property is sold on the open market;

Replacement cost :

A cost that includes amounts in market prices spent on creating a structure or building identical to the object being valued;

Investment value:

The value, which is determined on the basis of the magnitude of the profitability of the property relative to investment objectives

Determining various types of value will provide you with objective information about the real value of the object of value and can be useful in making appropriate management decisions.

The specialists of the company “BASHKOMOTSENKA” have a lot of experience in the revaluation of real estate and real estate enterprises of the Moscow region and Moscow.

In determining the cost of facilities and buildings, we will take into account all factors that affect the cost of a building or object:

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