5 Perfect Jobs for Homework

Read below home career advice.

Homework has many benefits, but not all features work. These 5 trades, on the other hand, adapt perfectly to teleworking.

  1. Publisher, editor or translator

A computer and an internet connection is all you need to work as a publisher, editor or translator … There will be a few meetings and information sessions, but on other days you can work at the House. Consult the jobs: editor, editor or translator.

  1. Digital Marketing Expert

Digital media is, by definition, at the heart of this feature and it can be managed from your home. In addition, as a lot of strategic thinking is needed, working quietly is quite favorable when you think of a marketing plan. Consult the jobs.

  1. Sales Manager (external)

For a sales manager, it is handy to work a little at home before going to a customer service instead of wasting time in traffic jams. It’s a function that requires a lot of flexibility, hours on the road and very little consideration of office hours. Consult the jobs.

  1. Graphic designer or web

As long as you have a stable connection and the necessary programs at home, you can easily do your design tasks at home. It’s less convenient if you need regular feedback from a colleague but perfect if you need to focus. Consult the jobs.

  1. Customer Service Manager

Customers’ questions and comments are now arriving more and more often through messaging, e-mail, online forms and social media. To answer them, you do not have to be physically present at the office. At home, a computer with access to the communication platform and an internet connection must be available. Consult the jobs.

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Many employers allow casual homework. More and more companies are letting their employees work at home one day a week. You too would like to work a little more often at home? Discuss with your employer and find a good compromise together.

7 professions that will explode in 2017

We have drawn up for you the list of functions that will gain in importance in 2017.

Make sure you stay in tune with developments in the job market, so you’ll always stay ahead of the game. We have drawn up for you the list of functions that will gain in importance in 2017.

  1. Cloud Computing Specialist

As we have already said, ITC’s trades continue to enjoy strong momentum. In particular, profiles with a specialization in cloud computing (Cloud Computing) in 2017 will be spoiled for choice of career. Consult the available jobs.

  1. Data Analyst

From companies to banks, in 2017 there will be big data everywhere … the collection of complex data of a maximum number of consumers. And to analyze this complex data and develop targeted actions, there is a great need for data analysts. Consult the available jobs.

  1. Web Developer

The demand from developers with advanced technical knowledge and a creative mind remains high. It is especially the experienced profiles in project management that are on the rise. Consult the available jobs.

  1. SEM Marketeer

In the world of SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, everything revolves around how to get the consumer to a brand or product, through search engines. This is a specialization that will open a lot of doors for marketing professionals in 2017. Consult the available jobs.

  1. User interface designer

Companies that want to differentiate themselves from their competitors offer consumers a pleasant user experience, online too. So many interesting perspectives for those called UX Designers. Consult the available jobs.

  1. Network Security Engineer

One of the challenges for the government and the private sector in 2017 will be to secure their networks to avoid loopholes and attacks from outside. For IT experienced in network security there will be vacancies in almost all sectors. Consult the available jobs.

  1. Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps and other App’s will continue to grow next year and this is great news for developers who specialize in these mobile apps. Consult the available jobs.

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