Create a Mobile Site that Adapts to Mobiles: Tablets and Smartphones

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60% of searches are done today from a mobile. Users are now surfing mostly from a mobile, otherwise go on their computer at home or at work to consult the site more. We see a real change in user behavior on the web in recent years.

This trend is growing with the rise of 4G and technologies that allow to surf the Internet anywhere in society: Free wife terminals in public gardens, public places, trains or planes.

It is therefore imperative today to have a site called responsive design that is to say that adapts to mobiles and tablets at the level of content texts and images.

f you have an existing site, make sure your site is responsive. If this is not the case, ask your provider to do so or else redo your site on Orson for example.

If you are creating your site now, consider asking that your site be responsive design. Orson allows you to create a professional mobile websites, responsive design without coding. It’s integrated and free in the subscription.

The themes created on Orson by our designers are all responsive design and ready to use. You are free to modify your images and texts, your site will always be responsive design. Orson sites are also optimal and visible on all web browsers.

Orson allows you to create a responsive design site directly in the website creation software without having to check your site every time you publish it on different mobiles and tablets.

You can always preview your work in the mobile websites creation software and you can select the tablet or mobile and navigate directly to your site. This is a real time saving when creating your website.

To ensure a pleasant use on mobile, for example when you are in the subway it is important to take a second factor account: the loading time. The loading time of your site is the time necessary for all elements of a web page to load, from the moment you arrive on your site.

As an Internet user, we do not like to wait more than two seconds for a page to appear. Suddenly, search engines like Google or Bing have taken this element into consideration for indexing sites and for SEO. Access to new digital creation professions within large groups and SMEs with a multimedia division, communication agencies, advertising or studios positioned on the online media, SSII, etc. :

Junior Consultant in Technology Solutions or Methods,

Project Manager New Technologies, E-Commerce or E-Administration,

Responsible for mobile websites

Technical support engineer and assistance to the project owner,

Research and Development Manager Intranet / Internet / Distributed Architectures,

“Design-Ergonomics” option: graphic designer / web designer, ergonomic designer, junior art director…

There are a number of paid and free professional mobile websites design tools to make the job of the website creators easier. Here is an overview of some of the best web design tools for 2017.

Macaw is – Stream. Macaw is powered by Stream, a design engine. It represents the margins, erasures, and other properties required to add components to a static document flow.

– Alchemy. The powerful design-to-code engine is designed to convert the design into CSS and HTML.

– Responsive. Web

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