10 Deco Ideas With Digital Printing


Do not be afraid to assert your tastes!

Thanks to the digital process, it is now possible to print and display personal photos anywhere in your home. Proof to support with these 10 deco ideas to adopt!


1- On a canvas


To begin, adopt the photo in your decor by touch. For this, www.tableauphoto.com offers paintings to different styles in print. StylePop Art, black and white or just your photo personalizes your walls.


2- On a lampshade


A little more original while being discreet, digital printing is displayed on the shades. The great champion of the genre is Teo Jasmin. The brand features several visuals personalised canvas prints  portraits of stars, views and details of cities such as New York, Paris, Rome. And for a custom shade, go to www.mydesign.com instead .

3- furniture


One of the first to impose the photo on furniture is Maurice Renoma. So sumptuous Baroque armchairs proudly display the photographs of his photographer for a successful effect. Téo Jasmin perpetuates this style with armchairs, sofas, lamps with Indian pictures, cult objects …


4- On a wall


More spectacular, dress a wall by adopting the stretched canvas. Ideal to combine deco and ecology, it is the Green deco canvas on www.acte-deco.fr. Simple to use, simply glue with wallpaper glue, double sided or staple of large pieces and then cover at your convenience part of the wall or the entire wall. There is a wide selection of visuals on the site or if you prefer you can send your own photos.


5- On a ceiling


And why not a decorative ceiling! Clipso , New mat signs are tailor-made for ceilings. They settle in a few hours by a professional and unlike painting, the work is done without soiling!


useful screen , the screen is an effective and deco way to separate a room. So enjoy it ! www.mydesign.com , one of the pioneers of digital printing in deco, offers on a plexi support to print a photo of your choice. An originalway to personalize your interior while being practical.

7-On a curtain


Create a surprise and take inspiration from the big decorative places like the “Mama Shelter” by adopting the curtains in digital printing. The Photofactory transposes on a textile support its collection of photographs. Thus, sheer, drapery will add to your interior an offbeat and resolutely decorative touch!


8- On a carpet


And even carpets! Also at The Photofactory , the rugs display black and white or sepia collector photos. A discreet style effect for a decorative interior in the trend down to the smallest detail.

9- On a credence


Change the decor in your kitchen and simply brighten up with a credence. View of New York, or greedy apple macro, photography is printed on a support in altuglass. A very resistant material that talks with a product for windows. So if you are tempted visit the website: www.funnydoors.com .


10- On a sticker


And always the famous sticker! An original gift idea to be sure to please: have children’s photos printed on a sticker. On www.decoloopio.comit’s very simple, just send as an attachment the photo of your choice and fill out the form on the website, then you just have to select the format and color of your choice.

Note in your diaries for photo fans: The annual photo festival taking place every year in Arles will take place this year from 7 July to 13 September and from 7 to 12 July for the opening week. On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Rencontres d’Arles expose all those who came to present their work. Around two axes: 40 years of meetings and 40 years of breaks discover retrospectives, screenings, conferences, seminars that will take place throughout the city.

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