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The internal link of a website will refer to another page of that same website. Internal links are also part of the most important tools of Houston SEO consultant In the first place, sensible and well-placed referrals offer added value for the reader. The latter goes in this way find more quickly the information sought. In addition, the structure of a website is optimized through relevant internal links. This relevant structure is also a quality factor according to Google’s evaluation criteria. Google’s index reads this internal structure of links and takes it into account in its ranking.

Return link

A return link is defined by a link from a website A to a site B. These inbound links are important for improving its web presence because they positively influence the ranking of the site on the search engines. A link back to a reliable, trusted and relevant web page (quality factors established by Google) counts as a recommendation for Google, which will increase the index of trust and therefore the referencing of the web page. The higher this trust value for a website, the more the links from this site will be valued by Google. The return link profile of a website (number and quality of links) is one of the most important ranking factors for Google and other search engines: this is a central point of SEO optimization.

Link building (net linking or weaving

The link building (also called weaving in French) describes the targeted building profiles back links A successful link building strategy results from an increase in the number and quality of back links. The return links are exclusively external links, the SEO optimization does not take place on the web page itself but through the various contacts and connections with third-party web pages. Accumulating such recommendations of external sites via back links is one of the most important tasks of optimization for search engines in off page (also called Off-site). This is an SEO optimization where the site is not modified per se, but rather its “environment”). Google values ​​websites that have a relevant and reliable back link network in its rankings, hence the importance of link building.

Link Juice

The link juice, or “SEO juice” in French, is determined by the distribution of back links on a website. The number of links as well as their quality (strength, reputation) contributes to this SEO optimization. This link juice can be transmitted through a link from site A to site B. The better the source of a link back is evaluated by Google, the more it will transmit “positive juice” to the target page.

Meta Description

The Meta description is a short text (up to about 156 characters), which describes the contents of an document. It must indicate the orientation of the content to the user in just two sentences. The Meta description appears in the search engine results list (SERPs) as part of a snippet under the title. If the webmaster does not include a Meta description on his website, Google will automatically do it for him by taking the first few sentences of the home page or by selecting portions of phrases around keywords. As part of an SEO optimization, meta tags (Meta-Tags composed of a description, a title, and keywords) must not only be user-friendly, but also contain keywords with high search volume. These are deposited in the header of an HTML document.

Update Panda

The Panda update, also known as Google Panda, was installed in 2011. It included a permanent change in Google’s search engine optimization algorithm, which is a fundamental change in search engine optimization. Because of this update, web pages with poor content have seen their SEO drop considerably. The backlink-profileis not the only relevant SEO factor built into this update. Indeed the bounce rate is also calculated by SEO optimization, as the duration of visit to a site or the appreciation of the content. While unique, high-quality content that adds value to readers is valued in search results; duplicate content containing too many keywords is punished. Since the Panda update, the quality of the content has a much greater influence on the SERPs (search results), hence the use of the leitmotiv “content is king”.

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