The dissertation and Thesis Writing Help are the written presentation of the results of the research activities pursued as part of your master’s or PhD program. Given their size, you should start writing it early, in the process of completing your research.

The dissertation and thesis serve to demonstrate, both in form and content, your ability to deal with a problem of a complexity appropriate to your level of study and to pass on your knowledge. This means in particular:

synthesize or integrate your research

formulate original ideas with rigor, based on the information collected

build a coherent argument and structure it clearly and concisely

analyze critically your results, those of others and situate your work in your field of research

exercise your expert responsibility for your research topic

defend your conclusions and the results of your results

present a drafting work in a format that respects the norms of your discipline and apply the communication standards in a university context

Writing language

The writing of the Thesis Writing Help or dissertation at Université Laval is in French. However, on the recommendation of your research supervisor, you may request permission from your program director to write some or all of your manuscript in another language.

Authorization is necessary if:

one or more chapters are written in a language other than French

there is integration of articles written in a language other than French

The request for authorization must be made  before  the beginning of the drafting.

Integration of articles

Laval University recognizes the principle of incorporating into your thesis or dissertation articles that you sign as a single author or co-author with other authors. The integration of articles must comply with the following conditions:

The integrated articles have been prepared and submitted during the course of studies and as part of the research undertaken specifically to obtain the degree concerned.

Articles are published or in the process of publication during the dissertation or thesis evaluation.

The dissertation or thesis contains a foreword detailing various information about the integrated articles .

Make sure you follow the rules of presentation for article integration .

Respect of copyright

The inclusion of articles in your thesis or dissertation must respect the copyright.

Articles written with coauthors

Articles written with co-authors may be included in the thesis or dissertation provided that written permission is obtained from each of them. This authorization should be obtained  before  the beginning of the writing of the
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LinkedIn Profile Writing or dissertation. The co- authoring authorization forms must be sent at the time of the initial deposit.

Articles published or in the course of publication

You must validate with the publisher that the publication of your article does not prevent its inclusion in the thesis or dissertation and that it does not restrict the subsequent dissemination.

Note that a delay of publication of an article can not justify the postponement of the evaluation of the dissertation or a thesis.

Copyright Office

For more information about the reproduction and distribution of works for research purposes at Laval University, visit the Copyright Office .


Word processing software

For the writing of the dissertation or the thesis, the FESP accepts the use of these softwares:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Latex
  • Open Office
  • LibreOffice

other software that supports the OpenDocument Text Format (ODT)

With a good LinkedIn profile, you are found and followed by relationships that are relevant to your business and goals.
LinkedIn Profile Writing Name, photo, optimized titles help make you visible, but not only.

LinkedIn is 187 million active users each month, early 2013 843’000 Swiss . Having a profile is not enough, if it is not visible. Being active by sharing content and then developing your network is a necessary step towards building your LinkedIn network. The more you give , the more relationships you have and the more weight you will have on the platform.

The problem is that if you are not followed, it is difficult for people to be interested in your skills and activities. And if your profile is not attractive, you will have few new or irrelevant relationships.

When a user knows you, he inserts your name into LinkedIn’s search engine or you are spontaneously offered by the social network. But, if we do not know you and I imagine that for many people this is the case: being found is the first step of a good LinkedIn profile , and that’s what I’m explaining below.

a good linkedin profile to be found

A good LinkedIn profile contains

A photo of quality: where we recognize you! No picto, no logo, no pictures of you at the beach, during your leisure or other. Here, we are pro!

Your real name: no nickname

An explicit profile title

Your details

An attractive summary and that gives something other than a copy-paste of your CV (it appears below in your experiences, etc.)

Your experiences

Your skills

Relevant recommendations

To be found in the search engine Linkedin: think keyword

Say you’re looking for a job: think about whether the terms “looking for a new challenge” or “open to new opportunities” are appropriate.

And if you are a manager in an XY company, is the term “IT Manager” enough to say what you do to the one who searches you and does not know you?

Large companies are specialized in job titles that mean nothing and do not talk to outsiders. Do you necessarily have to copy and paste the title of your business card?

good profile linkedin example search keyword

Experiment and research a need. What does it stand out? Adapt your title and profile according to your deductions and your goal.

Just like on your website, be clear about what you want: what are your career or career goals. For who is who you want to

LinkedIn Profile Writing  work with and in what area. Today, no one has time. If a recruiter spends less than 10 seconds on a resume, imagine how many seconds LinkedIn members will devote to your profile: the essential must be obvious!

Do not want to make a good LinkedIn profile alone? Join our trainings and enjoy the energy of a group to create a LinkedIn profile to be found   !

PS: this article is more than 6 months old, it may be that the design and features of LinkedIn have changed since it was written. Nevertheless, it remains valid from a good practice point of view.

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