Ways to Transfer Data from one Device to any other

Move Data

For one of these functions, software or applications can take care of the transfer via a computer or even directly from one Smartphone to another Wi-Fi.

You can make use of the application “Copy My-Data” to achieve this. First, install the app on your old Android Smartphone, any application or game like Asphalt 8 Mod Apk Free Download (via Google Play Store ) and then on your iPhone (via the App Store) and launch the application making sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Tap on  Next  then  To or From Another Device Over Wi-Fi”. The other device will appear on the iPhone then choose “Copy Data from selected device” and confirm the PIN that appears on the screen. It remains to choose the data to transfer on the screen of the Android and validate.

The music

Our smart phones also play the role of walkman and on your Android Smartphone you used to copy and paste your MP3 files on the storage of the device to read them. This is complete, for the same operation with an iPhone you will learn how to handle iTunes.

Retrieve music from your Android by connecting your device to a computer and then turn on USB memory so that the device’s storage appears as a removable disk on the computer. Copy them to your computer, they are usually placed in the / Music / folder of the Smartphone. Open iTunes, click “Music” and drag these files into the interface. Connect now your iPhone, select it in the list of devices and tick Synchronize melody in the dedicated part then apply to finalize the action

Applications and Games

There are many famous applications or games like Asphalt 8 Unlimited Credits which people really love and they must install all applications and games in very new cell phone they buy.Alas, there is no way to transfer applications from Android to iOS because they are incompatible. But most apps that exist in the Play Store, or their equivalent, are also available in the App Store. However, it will take the hand to the wallet a little more often (there are more free applications on Android than iOS).

Visit the Apple App Store, which offers a new face on iOS 11, and explore or search your apps.

Photos and videos

We saw that the application “Copy My Data” could take care of transferring certain data. The photos and videos are part of it but in case of failure it will be necessary to go through iTunes again if you want to recover your images on the new device.

Connect your Android and turn on storage memory as for music. Copy and paste the pictures usually stored in the / DCIM / folder into a folder on your computer. Then open iTunes, select your iPhone and click on “Photos”. Check the “Synchronize photos from” box and select the folder for your images. Do not forget to apply.

Other Documents

We saw with photos and music that a simple copy and paste allowed to recover his Android files. This is also the case if you store on your Smartphone DOC, EXCEL, PDF files, etc. For PDF files, it is possible to use the Apple iBooks application. To transfer documents to iOS, the easiest way is to use iCloud via the icloud.com website with your Apple IDs. Once on the site, go to “iCloud Drive” to import your documents

In iCloud Drive you just have to use the icons to send the files, it will synchronize on your iPhone and will be accessible through Apple applications (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) or via third-party applications.

And if needed, the community can help you in case of difficulty. Ask your questions or expose your problem in Mobility Support forums: Smartphone’s, tablets and connected objects.

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